MP3 Player Reviews

Take a plunge in to the world of music by choosing the cool MP3 music players. We have enlisted them in categories based on the memory capacity ranging from 128MB to 40 GB. From the humble music players, you can select to the exclusive ones styled for travelers and book readers. The composite availability of such interesting features makes the MP3 players a must gadget for the youth. Besides this, you can select from the flash memory players, hard drive media players and CD media player. Each of the type consists of its own advantages and limitations. The price range and the packed features, size and memory varies accordingly.

Despite the sea of changes in the technology, still amongst the bulk of MP3 players only a few score good range of hardware operating system compatibility for Linux OS besides the Mac and Windows. You can select from our categories and read the review as we discuss this parameter too. Regarding the audio file compatibility, you can check our specification table, which covers in detail the list of audio files, which the player supports. Ranging from the key sized ultra compact player and up to the mobile phone size you can find the suitable deal from the major brands. Read our reviews to understand the design, features and the user interface. Browse our interactive buyer’s guide to understand refined details.

Sony NWZ-E464 Walkman Series 8GB MP3 Player

Sony, a brand name immediately comes to everyone’s mind when there is a talk on quality products. Stunningly outstanding quality with up to date technological improvements prove that Sony is indeed a master in the gadgets world. Products are known for its effective functional abilities and constant updating in designs and styles automatically grabs the attention of the people.


Sony NWZ-E464 series 8GB media player looks so sleek and fashionable. We would never miss the fact that the continuous playing backup of 50 hours at any cost, that too in a single charge. We can just turn the player on choosing either of the options, using headphones or power on button. A wide range of media supporting formats except the formats for playing audio, it has MPEG4 video format. Thoroughly satisfying features like video support, image or photo viewer and an FM radio tuner for a mood swing. Comparing the rival in the market Sony NWZ-E464 player is very much portable due to light weight and no space for worries like slipping from our pouch or pocket. A significant feature to be discussed in this edition is audio recording function where it becomes inevitable for students, reporters, selected bookmarking or even to get back to the exact location of music files when we resume. Screen resolution is unbeatably higher, thus we feel superior quality. To make everything short, we can say the 8 GB version is so light to hold, trendy, very much portable and mainly affordable.

Sony NWZ-E464 Walkman Series 8GB MP3 Player


  • The earphones attached with Sony NWZ-E464 bring out excellent sound quality which does not always happen with other products in the range, where we are forced to go for a better one.
  • Navigation menu is mostly user friendly which eases the usage.
  • Drag and drop option makes transferring files simple but at the same time fast.
  • Incomparable sound quality of Sony
  • Visibly strong and stunning design built with better quality materials.


  • The only shortfall we feel is the reduced memory usage of 6.7GB which is bit shocking. The firmware occupies almost 1.3GB.

Display and Capacity:

Sony NWZ-E464 walkman has 2 inch TFT colour display screen with white LED backlight. The size is quite big so that even elders would find it easy to handle it. Resolution of the display screen is QVGA 240 x 320, so this makes superior quality. From the built in 8GB memory, the gadget consumes a considerably big portion of 1.3GB for firmware and the remaining 6.7GB is for users. There is no separate memory slot for extending the memory. We have room for nearly 1500 songs which may be our whole favorite song collection. The overall design is fashionable yet so secured.


This model is provided with a lot wonderful features like video player, image viewer, stereo tuner, audio recording and easy transfer of files. The following are some of the other features. For playback function, dynamic normaliser, clear bass, clear stereo, DSEE and 5 band equaliser are provided. Dynamic normaliser is a unique technology from Sony which maintains the volume level even for all the tracks. Clear bass represents richer and deeper bass since they use automatic level control known as ALC. Stereo function is designed in such a way that stops signal disturbances and leakages in audio. Another brand new technology from Sony is digitalized sound enhancement engine shortly known as DSEE which becomes the reason for the clarity and quality of the sound to the extent of more natural exposure to the audio. Equaliser reproduces the sound while listening. Getting files of all sorts like mp3 or videos or photos is just easy because of drag and drop. Voice recording makes the gadget very much useful other than entertainment. Built in microphone eases the recording process and keeps it for our next search.

Battery and Power Backup:

It has rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Full charging takes 3 hours and holds 50 hours of continuous power backup. 50 hours in a single charge is meant for music playback yet for videos 10 hours is really good. Travelers would have an eye on this fact definitely.

Included Accessories:

Sony NWZE464B.CEW walkman includes EX headphones, quick start guide for users, built in rechargeable battery and USB cable for connectivity.

Specification Table:

Manufacturer Sony
Model Name NWZ-E464 Series 8GB MP3 Player
Product Type MP3 Player
Display TFT Colour Display with white LED backlight
Screen Size 2 inch
Memory Capacity 8GB
Audio Supported Formats AAC-LC, L-PCM, MP3, WMA, WMA (DRM)
Supported Formats AVC, WMV9, MPEG4, H.264
Radio FM Stereo Tuner
Voice Recording Yes
Equaliser Yes
Interface USB
Battery Life Up to 50 hours

Reddmango Angora MR310 4GB MP3 Media Player

For those who have passion towards music would love Reddmango Angora MR310 4GB MP3 Media Player for the simple reason that there is no other such player with such style and design giving you luxury and quality. This model does not mess up with many features and complicated operation but is straight forward giving you the preferred music with a justified display and the storage capabilities. Little surprising is the display screen and the easy to operate controls. Get to know more about this product in this review.

Design Details:

The slim and sleek design has enlivened this product which is the preference of most people. Detailing the other attractions are the colour and finish as it has silver colour with the high gloss metal finish which gives more a durable appearance and of course it has a better stand on it. The brand rich in innovation has given this product a better stand with the unique OLED display with the resolution of 128 x 32 pixels. This appears to be blended with the body giving a contemporary appearance. The dimension of this product is 75.2mm, 28.6mm and 14.8mm.

Technical Details:

The memory capacity of 4GB is available with the built-in flash memory. This is capable of storing up to 1000 songs in the format of MP3 or WMA formats. The other supported file formats are MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, ACC, X 3D and TXT formats. The controls are simple with a rotary button and for control buttons. It operates without the need of any driver. Reddmango Angora MR310 Sleek MP3 Media Player is also powered up with the built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged with the help of an adapter or through the USB port.

Product Features:

Right at its first appearance the impressive feature is the slim and sleek design which comes with high gloss metal finish. This makes up the style statement which keeps the crave active in this competitive world.

The high speed connectivity of USB 2.0 makes it quick and easy to transfer the files from one device to another. The special feature added to this petite device is the 3D Surround effect that gives the real feel of the music played in different styles.

Easy to operate interface makes it suitable for all age groups and wonder not that the voice recording function adds up the utility as it allows the user to recording the lectures, proceeding of meetings and much more.

Package Contents:

Reddmango Angora MR310 Metal Finish MP3 Media Player is accompanied with few accessories that are supplied by the manufacturer and they are the stereo earphones, user manual and USB cable.

Specification Table:

Brand Reddmango
Model Name Angora MR310 4GB MP3 Player
Player Type MP3 player
Dimensions 75.2 x 28.6 x 14.8mm
Display Type OLED display with 128 x 32 pixels
Memory type Flash
Memory Capacity 4GB
PC interface supported Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Supported digital audio standards MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, ACC, X 3D, TXT
Features Slim and sleek design
High gloss metal finish
High speed USB connectivity
Built-in flash memory
3D Surround effect
Easy to operate
Voice recording function
Embedded Mic Yes
Storage capacity Up to 1000 songs in WMA and MP3 formats
Voice Recording Yes
Box Contents Player, stereo earphones, user manual and USB cable

Sony NWZ-B173 4GB Walkman MP3 Player

Sony has introduced this product in its compact walkman series which has convenient features like massive bass in just the touch of a button, quick charge and a show off style which acts as a perfect companion for all music lovers. Though Sony NWZ-B173 4GB Walkman MP3 Player does not have a large display the small one makes it appealing by giving all the required functions. The direct USB for charging and even transfer of files, the handy clip of easy carry and which just clips to the clothes or the bag keeps it inspired by confidence of use.


Living with this model adds life even during the boring days. It is also found convenient to use and it lets you keep cool by moods. It is easy to make the selection with its simple controls and the clear details in the display add to the convenience. The dimension of this model is 88.8mm in width, 22.5mm in height and 15mm in depth. The weight is mere 28 grams which is simple to carry. The choice of colours is available among black, pink and blue.

Power and Memory:

Sony NWZ-B173 Compact MP3 Player had the most intuitive battery power that is quick in charging too. It gives the battery life for 18 hours when in full charge. The charging time for full charge is 70 minutes. It also works for 90 minutes with the quick charge of just 3 minutes which is something interesting to talk about this model. The built in memory is 4GB which means it can store approximately 970 songs in the MP3 format.

Features and Functions:

The design feature is an easy way out for impressing the user. It comes with a fashion clip which can get easily attached to the clothes, belt or the bag giving a stylish look. The display also creates its own way to impress which comes with the colour matched LED flashes. The size is light and compact which can easily get into pockets.

Easy file transfer is another interesting feature which easily uses the drag and drop feature to transfer the music files. The controls are also user friendly which has a large dial design which controls the operation. The direct USB serves as a quick file transfer and also it helps to charge the player when used in PC. Transfer of files from one device to another is possible with this player. This direct USB makes you enjoy the cable free transfers.

Zappin Technology lets you to ZAP the button to snatch each tract and it lets you choose the favourite song. Available in Sony NWZ-B173 Black, Pink, Blue MP3 Player are equalizers which lets you listen to the song with the perfect choice of the equaliser.


It is possible to boost the bass in just the touch of the button even when it is been operated in the low volume. The other functions are the voice recording which is also compatible for easy playback in the car stereo or other ports. It is possible to track the music in different searching methods like the folder, all songs, artist, album, play lists, genre and the release date.

Included Accessories:

Head phones, quick start guide, rechargeable battery are the accessories that come along the purchase of this product which is provided by the manufacturer.

Specification Details

Manufacturer Sony
Model Name NWZ-B173 4GB Walkman MP3 Player
Weight 28 grams
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 88.8 x 22.5 x 15 mm
Available Body colours Black, Pink, Blue
Size Compact
Display and backlit Yes
Memory Capacity 4GB
Battery type Rechargeable
Playback modes Normal, repeat all, repeat 1 song, repeat shuffle all
Radio No
Voice Recording Yes
Drag and drop Yes
Compatible formats MP3, WMA and AAC
Quick charging
Fashion clip
Flashing LED display
Easy file transfer
Additional features USB connectivity
Voice recording
Zappin Technology
Jog dial
Light and compact
Battery life 18 hours of playback
Charging time for battery 70 minutes
Connections Direct USB
Supplied accessories Head phones, quick start guide, rechargeable battery

Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player

The concept of waterproof for aqua use that is compact with sporty design is the highlight of Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player. Speedo the sporting brand designed this model for the use of aquatic athletes who has keen love for music. Other than this concept technically this model gives perfect features that are generally available in all models. This model is handsome with bold look about which is the following review.


Powered for the use of aquatic athletes this model has realistic and impressive features. The sleek design with the colour option of lime, pink and black makes a good option for the user. It weighs just 12 grams and hence it is almost feels null in weight. The operations are with ergonomic buttons and it projects in the dimension of 119.5 in width, 20.32mm in height and 45.72mm in depth.


When it is said to be waterproof there are few other features associated with it to make it completely useful when in water. Speedo Aqua beat Compact MP3 Player is safe to the depth of 3 meter in water. The lightweight design allows it to float in water in order to find it when need a retrieval. The ear plugs provided are of different size and they too are waterproof. When considering the ear phone cord it is short and it is easy to wear. These features along with the ergonomic buttons that are present on top for forward, rewind, volume controls, hold and on/off makes it a complete one.


This device is suitable for audio playback and it does not have display. It supports various audio files like MP3, WMA, MP3 VBR. This model is also compatible with various OS like Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.x or higher. It does have USB 2.0 interface which is considered as the high speed and most convenient to transfer files from one device to another.

Power and Memory:

This model works with the battery power and it has a built-in 3.7V Li-polymer rechargeable battery. The battery playback time is about 9 hours. It can be easily recharged through PC/laptop/USB port. The in-built memory is 1GB which means it holds 250 songs track in MP3 format and about 500 tracks in WMA tracks.


The audio output connection is with the 3.5mm headphone socket. It does not have FM tuner function and recording function. The  package contents are Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Lime, Pink and Black Colour MP3 Player, playlist editing software disc, USB connection, waterproof earphones, replacement ear buds (S,M,L), Instructions and Warranty. The manufacturer warranty is 1 year for this model.


Manufacturer Speedo
Model Name Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player
Colours Lime, pink, black
Weight 12 grams
Memory capacity 1GB
Supported formats MP3, WMA, MP3 VBR
Dimension (W x H x D)mm 119.5 x 20.32 x 45.72 mm
Interface USB 2.0
Earphone Yes
Operational functions Fast forward, rewind, volume adjust, hold button
Battery playback time 9 hours
Battery type Rechargeable Li-polymer
Features Waterproof compact design
Waterproof earplugs
Floats for easy retrieval
Ergonomic buttons
Short earphone cord
Easy recharge through PC/laptop/USB port
OS compatibility Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.x or higher
Warranty 1 year

Intenso Music Twister 4GB MP3 Player

Intenso Music Twister 4GB MP3 Player in its energetic four colour operation comes as a breath for the music lovers. It is an absolute MP3 player which is handle and nothing much to complain about. It looks cute and anyone would love to keep it close. It is light on the pockets as well and hence can assist during the work out time. Looking for some more details on its design, features and function its on the way in the following review.


Although technology has gone through a complete transformation, still the feel and wish for the simple MP3 player is around. The dimension is slim and sleek with 78mm, 24mm and 10mm which also have a display and controls embedded in it. Although the trendy colours feel like a toy its functions are competitive. The four colour choices are black, white, pink and blue.

Putting it to use:

It is just easy and a kind of small demonstration on can share the fun. Switching on and off the device is just keep the button play pressed for about 3 seconds and the device will put on. Lucky, Intenso Music Twister Compact MP3 Player does not take more than 3 seconds to do the work. The menu buttons are another selection option which chooses to fast forward, rewind, adjust the volume and even hold the function. The play back of songs is with the play button which also acts as the pause button. During the playing time one can choose to pause or even rewind or forward.


  • Drag drop function is the highlight which just moves the files easily and operates with the windows mode. It gladly transfers the files to other location and also manages to import without much effort.
  • Folder navigation is one interesting aspect which does not take many efforts to switch between the folders and files to locate the track.
  • This model has 6 equaliser modes and 7 play modes that give different feel about the same music over and over.
  • The recording function and the display do play an important role in order to make one feel the importance of this player. It does voice and FM recording that wins a stand when you need to record the meetings and proceedings.

Other Product Details:

Intenso Music Twister Black, White, Red, Blue MP3 Player works with the battery power and it is been embedded with the rechargeable li-polymer battery. This battery has the power and run time of maximum of 7 hours that serves well even in outdoor. More so the memory capacity is 4GB which is built in and can be enhanced. The supported file formats are MP3, WMA and ASF.

Package Contents:

Intenso delivers this model along with the accessories of stereo earphones with neck strap, USB cable.

Intenso Music Twister Specifications

Manufacturer Intenso
Model Name Music Twister 4GB MP3 Player
Model numbers / Colours 3602550 – black
3602552 – white
3602553 – pink
3602554 – blue
Dimensions (H x W x D) 78 x 24 x 10 mm
Display Yes
Memory capacity 4GB
Supported formats MP3, WMA, ASF
Recording Yes
Play mode Normal, repeat one, repeat all, random repeat, dir normal,
dir all repeat, dir random repeat
Interface USB 2.0
Earphone Yes
Operational functions Fast forward, rewind, volume adjust, hold button
Battery playback time 7 hours
Battery type Rechargeable Li-polymer
Features Drag drop function
Folder navigation
6 equaliser modes
7 play modes
Recording function
Clock Yes
Package contents Player, stereo earphones with neck strap, USB cable