Sony is one of the popular brand in the field of Media Players. It has laid its hands in technology related to TV, home cinemas, cameras, camcorders, VAIO, wireless computing and much more. Sony NWZ-W262 2GB Walkman Wearable MP3 Player is a handy and walkman player which has improved features of its previous model W252 and more details of it can be obtained from this review.


This model comes in the compact design which is about 25% lighter than the other models of this series. It is been designed as a wearable style and has a wire free operation. The design highlight of Sony NWZ-W262 2GB Walkman Washable MP3 Player is the compact structure and the close fitting finish. It eliminates the worry of the tangling wires as it is been designed with the close fitting earphones. The weight is mere 32 grams and it can be carried easily without the feel of its weight. It comes with 2 colour choice of white and black. More so the interesting feature is the water resistant finish and the washable design.

Memory and Power:

This compact size media player has a built-in memory of 2GB which is good to accommodate about 500 tracks of music. The power supplied to this device is with the rechargeable battery which is been built-in. it gives a quick recharge for about 3 minutes which is good to obtain about 60 minutes of play back time. In case of full recharge which goes for 90 minutes gives the play back time for 8 long hours.


  • Washable and water resistant makes this device suitable for the sports use. It is also perfect for running and it can be easily washed to keep it clean. However, it is required to be noted that this device is not meant for permanent water contact like swimming. When required to be washed it has to be washed with low flow of water without the use of brush.
  • ZAPPIN technology is a unique feature in which the device easily searches the required song, it is possible to listen back the play lists and if required to skip the music folders.
  • Drag and drop with the media player and other software is available in this model making it simple to transfer the files on and off.
  • Quick charge makes it interesting to keep a good company of this device all the time as in 3 minutes charge gives a playback for 60 minutes.
  • Easy operation with jog lever is an innovative and effective system where in it is simple to skip through the folders and choose the desired one.


Sony NWZ-W262 2GB Walkman MP3 Player comes with the USB connectivity and the playback supported files are MP3, WMA (Non-DRM), WMA (DRM), AAC-LC, linear PCM. Sony provides a range of accessories which comes along the purchase of this model and they are quick start guide, built-in rechargeable battery, USB cable accessories attachment.

Sony NWZ-W262 2GB Walkman MP3 Player – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Sony
Model Name NWZ-W262 2GB Walkman Wearable MP3 Player
Media Player Type MP3 Player
Weight 32 grams
Special features Wearable, quick charge, 8 hour playback,
Zappin headphones, water resistant
Available Body colours Black, white
Size Compact
Display and backlit No
Memory Capacity 2GB
Battery type Rechargeable
Playback modes Repeat, shuffle and repeat
Radio No
Voice Recording No
Music searching methods Zappin search technology
High speed data transfer Yes
Drag and drop Yes
Compatible formats MP3, WMA and AAC
Additional features Washable and water resistant
ZAPPIN technology
Drag and drop
Quick charge
Easy operation with jog lever
Battery life 8 hours of playback
Charging time for battery 1.5 hours
Connections USB
Package Quick start guide, built-in rechargeable battery,
USB cable accessories attachment