This RaGa 4GB MP3 Player walks into the market with the identity of the well-established manufacturer ‘Philips’. Both the design and technology embedded in this product is a great treat for the music lover. Philips RaGa Go Gear 4GB MP3 Player is been reviewed to provide the perfect insight of it.

Portable, compact structure: Known to be an MP3 player, this 4GB MP3 Player model is been designed in the compact form for the user to carry along anywhere. It comes with a neat square shape with the dimension of 15.6 x 44 x 46 mm as height, width and depth respectively. It cannot be called compact just with the determination of the dimension. It is true that it weighs just a mere 34 gram. Hence, taking it along does not bother anymore. This petite model comes with the aluminium finish that ensures the robustness and durability.

Display/controls: This SA1942/02 Digital Audio Player comes with the user-friendly control panel. It consists of three-line display that is good enough for the display of the song titles, remaining battery power and can go through the music library and choose among the artists and the albums. The display consists of the backlight and the screen belongs to the LCD type with the resolution 128 x 48. The controls are present in the front side with the soft touch buttons. It dedicates to the super scroll, volume control and features with the keypad lock.

Memory Capacity: The storage type belongs NAND Flash type with the capacity of 4GB. It comes with the mass storage class compliant and the music storage capacity can go up to 900 music tracks.

Performing functions: The various functions offered by this player are been briefly discussed as under.

  • Audio playback – It is said to offer a wide range of audio playback that supports the various file formats ofMP3, WAV and WMA.
  • ID3 Tag Support – It offers this support of song title, artist and album.
  • Audio capturing – This model is capable of recording voice with the built-in microphone and captures with the file format of WAV. The voice-recording format is ADPCM and the built-in microphone belongs to the monotype.

Humbling battery: Philips RaGa Portable MP3 Player belongs to the Li-Polymer battery type that can be recharged through USB. It gives a play time for up to 27 hours, this allows the user to enjoy throughout the day to be recharged at the end of the day.


  • Available in Philips RaGa Voice-Recording MP3 Player is the ‘Equalizer’ with the technology that automatically sets the optimum sound based on the style. The choice lies between Classic, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock. These preset EQ can be enjoyed with the right sound.
  • It allows to ‘drag and drop the songs’ from the PC without the need of any special software.
  • The connectivity is through the headphones of 3.5mm each and the USB 2.0.
  • This product comes with the ‘Green Technology’ as it is been designed with the lead-free soldered finish.

Package contents: This model comes with the package contents of MP3 Player with earphone, USB 2.0 cable and Installation CD.

Philips RaGa  SA1942/02 4GB Flash MP3 Player – Technical Specifications, Features

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name RaGa 4GB SA1942/02 MP3 Player
Type Compact, Flash MP3 Player
Memory type NAND Flash
Display LCD, 128×48 pixels
Dimensions(H x W x D) 15.6 x 44 x 46 mm
Weight 34 grams
Body material Aluminium
Colour Silver
Equaliser Settings Classic, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock
Memory capacity 4GB
Supported audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA
Supported image formats None
Voice recording Yes
Audio output Ear phones
Interfaces USB 2.0 High-Speed Device
Operating system Microsoft windows 2000, XP, Vista
Convenience Earphones; neck strap
Battery type Lithium ion polymer
Battery life Audio up to 27 hours
Package contents MP3 Player with earphone
USB 2.0 cable
Installation CD